PANOS SKLAVENITISThe miracle of the black leg

3.10.13 – 7.11.13


What is Leg? / What is my Leg?

In times like these, where all of us have to re-think even on the basics, ontology seems not so “outdated”anymore.

“THE MIRACLE OF THE BLACK LEG” is a work in progress consists of an artistic research and a conference process focusing on the so-called “miracle of the transplantation of the black leg”. This alleged miracle took place after the construction of a church by Pope Felix IV in Rome in 530 A.D. The church had a security guard whose foot suffered gangrene. The guard dreamed of Saints Cosmas and Damian looking for leg to replace it. Eventually they found it in an Ethiopian who was just buried in the cemetery of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens. When the guard woke up he had a healthy black leg. The miracle is depicted in western iconography. But since the 16th century, the Ethiopian is depicted on the floor writhing as the Saints operating on the guard. Both the narrative of the “miracle” and the iconography that followed, offers an open field to a variety of analysis and commentary (political, social, anthropological, philosophical, etc.).

Sklavenitis invites artists, social scientists and philosophers to participate in a mini-conference focusing on the “miracle” or using the “miracle” as a starting point in order to develop their positions. Each participant has to attend the closing of the exhibition in order to answer the question(s) “What is Leg? / What is my Leg?” These answers can take any form, could be the reading of a text, the improvisation of any kind or anything else.








1391783_528398410569256_417070702_nPhotos by Panos Sklavenitis